How to repurpose inexpensive thrift store plates and dishes into beautiful garden plate flowers.
My newest hobby!  A new twist to once old loved vintage glass.  Old memories, again new to be displayed and loved, and admired once again.  Bringing forth the past, out of the cupboards to be displayed amongst the beauty of today.  A remembrance and dedication to my very own past, my grandparents!!!
Nothing beats day dreaming about spring when it is ZERO degrees outside! So here is a fun project to start planning for - THE PERFECT FLO...
This exquisite vintage glass plate flower is simply striking! It is made only of high quality collectable vintage glass. It has not been painted. It is approx. 9  inches in width. It has been created to be staked outdoors in the garden. It can also be enjoyed indoors, sitting on a plate stand near a sunny window. I have  used three pieces of glass in this piece. In the rear of the flower, I have included a Federal Glass yellow plate, It is vintage from the 1960s. The bowl in the  center is a…
Flowers made of glass plates and bowls can be glued on old windows. as an alternative to stacking and gluing them to construct totems.   USE  E-6000 GLUE
...Plus 5 ways to attach them to the ‘stems!’ Our Flea Market Gardening experts show how to make dish flowers, how to attach the 'stems' and how to put on
Whimsical Repurposed Owl by ShabbyKnacks on Etsy
vintage glass garden art plate flower glass art by Adelicatetouch1
Incredible glass flowers designed and constructed using antique glass (vases, cups, saucers) by Mike Urban
How to make garden plate flowers using bottle on back of plate for use on rebar.