Add a Pop of Color to Your Glassware! | Brit + Co. If you’re painting on glass you can bake them which will help set the color . Put them in a cold oven turn the oven on to 350 and bake 30 minutes. Leave in the oven until they are completely cooled.

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Use silver and gold Sharpie paint pens to make our Christmas glasses this holiday season! Perfect as a hostess gift, to serve champagne or dessert in!

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How to paint glass.... Idea: Handprint or footprint on for Mom/Dad's Day: "Gloss acrylic paint and the sharpie paint pens. Let cure for 3 days. Then get krylon spray gloss and spray it on. Wait 1 day. And bake at 350 degrees. Put them in when you set the oven, then when it beeps time 30 mins and then turn off the oven and wait till it's completely cool and pull it out! Bam!"

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DIY Painted Mugs That Won't Wash AwayThere are a few baking rules which are all printed on the back of the marker for easy reference. 1. Don’t preheat your oven. Put your piece in first then turn on the oven to 375 degrees. 2. Set your timer for 40 minutes AFTER the oven has come to temperature, not when you put the mug in. 3. Don’t take your mug out when the timer goes off. Instead, turn off the oven and open the door. Let the mug cool as the oven cools.

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DIY Painted Mugs That Won't Wash Away - Finally, a marker for DIY mugs that REALLY is permanent after you bake it! Really! Plus some other mug making tips.

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DIY :: Add a Pop of Color to Your Glassware ( stemless acrylic wine glasses and paint pens )

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Paint and Gift Card Giveaway & DIY Nautical Frame Using Glass Paint Pens! - One Project Closer

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