Some of these examples of reflective photography could be used to show a scene in a different way - 13.5 things about light?

50 Stunning Examples Of Reflection Photography

Refraction of light: capture amazing photography effects with a glass of water

Lytro's amazing new camera takes VR to the next level

black and white, glass, ink, photography, water

Inspiring image black and white, glass, ink, photography, water - Resolution - Find the image to your taste

Nos vies qui brûlent doucement dans la plénitude

GENTL AND HYERS PHOTOGRAPHY: I really love their work, I especially love this piece, the harsh dramatic light, the broad shadow, this style of lighting is one that I would like to experiment with in my own work

photography - wine glases |  Beso de Vino

25 Elegant Glassware Photography Inspirations-Upside down and normal wine glass…  Click and learn.  Tricks with only a camera!  I need   learn photography professional photographer  !!  Tricks with only a camera!  Click and receive.

friday finds. (sfgirlbybay)

We love the treillage glassware collection from anthropolgie. Why not buy or rent color glassware for another nice pop of color?