#GleeMeEnseñó Finn: Nunca dejar que nadie te prohíba hacer lo que amas. Kurt : Lo que te hace diferente, te hace fuerte. Mercedes: Te ganas el respeto que le tienes a los demás. Puck: Inclusive los más fuertes no son invencibles . Quinn: No puedes cambiar tu pasado pero si dejarlo ir y construir tu futuro. Santana: Tu familia no es aquella con quién compartas lazos de sangre, sino aquel que te acepta por quien eres. Sue: Es bueno tener un buen enemigo, te empujará a ser mejor.

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This show may be ridiculous at times, but I don't think there has ever been another one that champions self-love, compassion, and acceptance the way that "Glee" does.

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I just fully realized that he's gone and he's not coming back for good I can only imagine how the glee cast feels especially lea so sorry for you

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These quotes are perfect. They show all the different types of people and how they could actually be feeling. That's what I love about Glee.

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Brittany S. Pierce. A blog about being your magical unicorn self! #quote #Glee

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Because Chris Colfer and the character he plays have an endless supply of quotes that have to be repinned. I mean, come on, they just have to be.

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