Glee season 1

Season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 Glee is so special to me that nobody will ever understand, its brought more happiness then anything else ever has in my life!

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Just started watching this show....amazing that you can see how much they love each other just in the show. So sad he died :(

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hahahahahahaha they're so good. he should do more. wait... he should do them spontaniously!!!

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Yes, please. I feel like the vision was lost a bit in seasons 4 & first part of 5. Latter bit of season 5 seemed to get back on a track a little, but we need to get over Rachel's self-involved drama.

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New Directions Class of 2012 NATIONAL CHAMPIONS!!!!!! They missed Joe

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That was probably one of my favorite moments on the show. It really has that original glee feeling that I loved from season 1.

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