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Erected in 1599, The Globe was London’s first theater built by and for actors. As one of seven shareholders in the company that commissioned it (not to mention the company’s chief playwright), Shakespeare probably had some say in the theater’s design. He wrote many of his plays, from Julius Caesar on, with this venue in mind. To quote the bard, "O for a muse of fire!" Henry V

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The Globe theater as it looks today. The Globe is the most famous Elizabethan theater. In 1970, American actor and director Sam Wanamaker, founded the Shakespeare Globe Trust, and International Shakespeare Globe Centre with the objective of building a faithful recreation of Shakespeare’s Globe close to its original location. While many had said that the Globe reconstruction was impossible to achieve, he persevered for over twenty years, and eventually a new Globe theater was built.

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Introduction to Hamlet; idea of revenge in law and in tragedy (revenge as representation of crime); characters of Horatio, Claudius, and Ham...

All The World's A Stage

Physically explore the geography behind the some of the greatest works in Western Literature – places that inspired the authors, places they lived and wrote, or, in some cases, places they brought into being through their literature.