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And Vote For Bernie! He Is For Labeling Of GMO's. Clinton Is For Monsanto. She's Been In Bed With Monsanto & Other Corporate Polluters & Dirty Fossil Fuels For Years. They Pay Her, They Own Her & Her Political Positions. Do Not Be Fooled Into Thinking That War Hawk Is In Any Way Progressive. Makes Little Difference Which Oligarch You Choose Between Trump & Clinton, Oligarchs Are Olis. My Vote Goes To Bernie. At The Convention In Philly, As A Write In Or Independent In November, HE WILL WIN.

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GMO Foods Info. This is a great website to understand the details about GMO, Organic foods, Hormones, Antibiotics and lots more about the food grown in our country.

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This should be mandatory reading for anyone who doesn't live on a farm and yet wants to give their opinions on GMO foods!! Why I’m PRO GMO

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Have you ever wondered how GMO corn is made? Roundup Ready Corn is genetically engineered corn that has had its DNA modified to withstand the herbicide glyphosate. One variety of RR Corn, NK603, was linked to tumors in rats in the Seralini study last year. Read the full details in the study here: #GMOs #RightToKnow #GECorn #Maize

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The GMO Debate -- Jeffrey Smith and Rachel Parent interviewed by Dr. B.J. Hardick - YouTube

National Coalition Demands Chobani Go GMO Free/NWO wants to depopulate and our processed, unnatural food will be one of their means

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And this corn is used in almost every processed food you buy in the grocery store. You know - the stuff you feed your kids!

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Good grief...I thought everybody knew this by now! Science!

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