Gangnam Style - USNA Spirit Spot - Go Navy, okay in case u didnt know the academies all compete for the best viral video and they are funded- hence why the video remains up. West points is better i think..

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I love this! We wouldn't and couldn't be the super power of the world without the best Navy in the world. Our top notch military sailors, marines, S.E.A.L.s, etc., are NAVY....and this number one main branch has the most gorgeous beautiful uniforms! I am also biased since my son in law is a sailor and top of his class and other relatives who were Navy. Go, Navy!

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Go Navy! Beat Army!

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Hardest thing to let go... This man who is serving and protecting our great nation is still my little boy. Oh how my heart breaks knowing I can't see or hold him I'm very proud of you son! U make me proud! The navy has one fine Dr on their hands! Go navy!

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