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Goku God Blue Dragón Ball Super This is a drawing about the last transformation of Goku Image by Ignacio Cespedes Cadena

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Toei's re-interpretation of Goku first meeting Goten in GT's flashbacks, as well as the anime. Is a lot more affectionate then it ever was in the manga. In fact, in the manga Goku never even had this moment with his youngest son. I realize that people blame Toei Animation for the vast majority of the mistakes of the Dragon Ball franchise (mainly Dragon Ball GT). But, I'm grateful at how compassionate they made Goku. It's what signified such a large part of what made Goku to whom he is to the…


A wallpaper I decided to create (size: 1366x768). The dragon bals I created myself. The font is downloaded from dafont and is called Saiyan Sans. The images of Goku, Bulma, Yamcha and Puar are taken from Google Images and traced in Illustrator using Image Trace.