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Golden Rum Cake ~ It's simple and delicious, but it's the glaze that's the star... You brush the rummy glaze on and it soaks into the cake. When it sets, it turns to a flaky buttery crust- almost like a glazed cake donut...but better!


Lick The Bowl Good: Think Harder Rum Cake This is an easy and delicious cake. I make it the day before so it soaks in the rum and moistens the cake. Done just right it tastes like a rum glazed doughnut!


Golden Rum Cake. My family requests this rummy Bundt cake from me at all our get-togethers. The butter rum glaze makes it special. An easy way to glaze your cake is to pour half of the glaze into Bundt pan, reinsert cake, then pour the rest of glaze over the bottom of the cake. Let absorb well then invert back onto platter.


The Blushing Cuban - A Passionfruit & Raspberry Cocktail

The Blushing Cuban - A Passionfruit & Raspberry Cocktail drink recipe. The Blushing Cuban is a vibrant blend of fresh passion fruit, raspberries, Cuban rum and Raspberry Liqueur. If you like fruity, exotic, punchy cocktails to linger over, give it a try.


Tropical Drink of the Day: Pineapple and Mango Rum Cocktails

Pineapple and Mango Rum Cocktails  (This recipe makes 6 drinks, so divide it up if you need too) Ingredients: 2 cups, plus 1/2 mango cut into slices with skin, for garnish 4 ounces golden rum (I used coconut rum, it was delicious!) 4 cups pineapple juice Puree mangoes, rum, and 1/2 cup water in a blender. Pour 2 ounces puree into each of six 12-ounce glasses. Fill glasses with ice, and top off with pineapple juice. Garnish with sliced mango. Enjoy!


Eggnog Mini Loaves

Eggnog Mini Loaves Recipe -The seasonal flavors of eggnog, rum extract and nutmeg shine through in these moist, golden loaves. Tender slices go great with a cup of coffee. —Beverly Elmore, Spokane, Michigan