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The outdoor pond in your yard will let you observe your goldfish in a natural setting. In establishing and maintaining a goldfish pond, be aware that the aquatic habitat needs of goldfish species vary. Some are tolerant of temperature changes, others are not. Also, not all species make good pond mates: Some species do not swim well with others.

One of the most popular goldfish species is the black moor goldfish. There are some important facts to know when taking care of them because they are a bit different than regular goldfish.

The Weather loach is not a goldfish but, he is still a coldwater fish compatible with all goldfish species. Description from I searched for this on


Varieties of Goldfish Suitable for Outdoor Ponds


Why Does One Fantail Goldfish Chase the Other?

Fantail goldfish are some of the best species of fish for beginners looking to establish a home- or office-based aquarium due to their long, flowing fins, hardy constitution and general ease of care, according to They are generally a peaceful breed but certain circumstances can bring out their aggressive side. Hunger, stress and a desire to mate can incite them to chase each other in a quest for dominance.