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Avery Jenkins and Discmania's Jussi Meresmaa have begun a 5 episode instructional video on a variety of disc golf techniques. This video looks at multiple putting techniques, how to putt in the wind, and general stance/grip forms. Make sure to tune into the next episode for many more pro tips and tutorials!


//Here is episode 3 of Discmania's Deep in the Game with Avery Jenkins. This tutorial videos takes an in depth look at proper sidearm technique --- from grip and footwork to arm swing and release angle. These videos are incredibly insightful and should be continually shared with the disc golf community.


Golf Video Tips - Golf Lessons - Stop Topping Fairway Woods - Free Golf Instruction Videos- In this golf video tip, Paul explains how to stop topping fairway woods. Everyone has had this problem happen to them before. Its an easy fix if you know the cause of the shot and the way to fix it.