Gone for good lyrics

writing prompt: Where she walks, no flowers bloom

I walked through the woods seeing the darkness around me. I have no fear for once in my life. I am a being of light i have always feared the dark but now it comforts me. The fallen angel.

Bella, this is the song your daddy and I danced to at my wedding. You were just a baby then but I promise to play it for you when you get a little older ;)

Rascal Flatts This song was in my senior picture slideshow. I'd like to think I've done these things since high school.

...actually I learned a lot about sex from fanfic...but that could easily have gone very badly

These are seriously the funniest things ever--"vagina bear" I can't stop laughing!

March 22nd 2013 the day the tragic new broke hearts all over the globe. Long Live the Black Parade

My Chemical Romance – The End.