Goner- twenty one pilots

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I love the song goner because it could mean anything. It's Tyler saying it doesn't matter what your demons are we're all goners and we need help. He is the best song writer of our generation in my opinion.

goner - tøp                                  pinterest: @abirichardson15

I'll slip away intø the søund<<<the ghøst øf yøu is cløse tø me

well gosh i would do this  i love me some josh dun  twenty one pilots // josh dun // it

s im currently listening to Goner) "Omg dude you took him? *picks up phone to call police* *Clown* "Uh. Oh wait, Tyler Joseph is here too :o >:)" *Me* Tyty Bean I'm comin' for ya! *beats crap out of clown just to find no TyJo* :c

friennnnnd pleaseeeee donnnnnn't gooooooo. pleaseeeee don'tttttt taaaaake yooooour liiiiiiife awaaaaaay frooooom meeeeeeeeeee.

When Tyler screamed this at my concert date I literally bursted out into tears. They know how much we love them, they said it themselves.