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Color of orange flowers, muted shades of green – the colors of summer meadows are embodied in this palette. Pastel light olive adds tenderness to quite energetic color combination. This color gamma is good for the interior of a spacious bathroom or summer terrace of a country house.


these are yarn combos for throws n such. use them for ideas on painting rooms/decorating.


Wow, such a riot of colors can be found except in the carnival procession. Fiery color celebration, happiness and fun. Azure, blue, pink, crimson, ocher - a great range for the imagination. In this palette, you can draw children's room, a game room in a country house. Also, colors are good for dance outfits.


Warm autumn colors. Such touching withering splendor. Burgundy, gold, brown harmony with the gray scale colors. The color combination is attractive for its expressiveness, mature beauty. Its fully appreciate the wise adult women who know a lot about ageless classic. This palette is good for spectacular autumn-spring wardrobe.


The harmonious combination of white to violet-blue with accents transparent haze and night blue. White - versatile, can perform a major role in the design of a room or dress or be a good companion to other colors. Introduce novelty into classic interiors help the various parts in white and blue colors: pillows, paintings, vases. The color palette is suitable for exquisite decoration and wedding attire of the bride and groom.