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Good comebacks to guys

Lolz....good comeback to remember!.

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"Women are only helpless til their nail polish dries" I love this

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Worthless to ME! Let me rephrase that, other people might find you to have some worth, you may find yourself to be worthy but ME, well i find you to be worthless TO ME! Okay? Good good thank god we cleared that up.

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For all the people that have to deal with annoying people 24/7 ... so everyone

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Say this about guys all the time @Sarah Chintomby Chintomby Baker Heheheheehe

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comebacks for girls to say to guys - Google Search

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In that case, bring on the zombie apocalypse. And as Eminem once said, "I guess it pays to be brainless!"

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Good comeback.

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"I only hang out with guys because they never start drama" Please read a history textbook.

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I can't disprove God, but you go and provide evidence for it. Like actual studies. I can't prove there isn't one anymore than I can prove that there isn't a giant pancake flying around.

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