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Disney Channel "Good Luck Charlie" and "Jessie" holiday crossover episode "Good Luck Jessie: NYC Christmas"!

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Why boys do not make good baby sitters.

Good Luck Charlie - Two Timing Pig Song This song communicates the message that it is not okay to cheat on your partner when you are in a relationship. However, Teddy is unable to stand her ground and "falls" for Spencer in the next season.

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Good Luck Charlie Video | Disney Channel One Million Moms thinks this show pushes the "gay agenda". Oh yeah, totally, a tv show pushes a harmful agenda just like the way you homophobes aim to pray the gay away and shame any forms of "deviant" sexuality.

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Good Luck Charlie Good Luck Charlie: “Good Bye, Charlie” Good Luck Charlie s premise is that the parents of a middle-class family of teenagers have a new baby. Elder daughter Teddy (Bridget Mendler) creates a video diary for baby Charlie to explain their family s quirks, and ends each week with an episod...