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Bach Remedy - HORNBEAM - Take Hornbeam, as soon as you become aware of that lurking heaviness, to break down the very dense energy around you. You will gradually (and sometimes quite rapidly) feel that heavy cloak drop to the floor. Such a good feeling! As Hornbeam works it’s magic you’ll reconnect with your motivation and find that you are getting things done again. Everything will feel lighter, easier and more flowing.

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stilettocoffee: "Monday is almost over. Double tap if you kicked its ass girl! and if you're looking to have some amazing coffee strong coffee that will get you through any Monday check us out at the link in our bio. Use coupon code for off. Expires soon

Tomorrow might be Monday but be a fucking shark! Instead of complaining - make a plan to kick this weeks ass be a boss have a positive attitude stay determined having forward focus on your goals - ATTACK the week!

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