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Your always on my mind in my heart and soul. hopefully in my life for the rest of my life as my wife. ❤️ I love you beautiful. ❤️

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Goodnight Otter, I hope your day went well. You are such an incredible person, and I am so happy to call you my best friend. You have worked so hard to get where you are, and I am here rooting for you. I love you so much Otter, and will never leave you no matter what happens. Goodnight my Otter.

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#Lighthouse and a full #moon!

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You know, it just dawned on me that I'm pretty sure I haven't had a good nights sleep since the last time we slept together... I wonder why? LOL, JK. It's cuz I miss you like crazy. And there's nothing like having you here beside me, no one who can take your place in my arms, or in my heart. :-) I ❤ U, sweet Dreams baby.

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Good night beautiful you. time to relax and regroup. #takecareofyou #moon #goodnight

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Moon Art - Good Nigh Beautiful You- Digital Art Print - Art Inspiration- Wall Art

Moon Art Good Nigh Beautiful You Digital by RoseHillDesignStudio

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Supercharge Your Sleep by Meditating Before Bed

The value meditating before bed and how it can help you get a good night's sleep

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pinterest: @evemirabel

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Wishing you a peaceful night ahead! I love you! God bless you ML. Ly

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"Into the great and terrible void that was, before ever anything was, God breathed two words: I AM. And out of the void answered back His only begotten: THAT I AM. Contrary to popular belief, the first thing God dealt with was not the darkness into which He spoke the light, but into His magisterial aloneness, which He dealt with in the tenor of His breath, which left His glorious aloneness and returned into it with the plurality of His only begotten. Then from the Son, reposed inside the…

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