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Lately, this seems to be incredibly true. I pour the good within myself into others and for a short time, my soul is sour and my heart is bitter. Then I remember that if I love with all I have, that person could potentially be a better person because of me.


I'm not perfect but I try to hide the constant pain I feel daily. At times the pain gets to me and I crack a little. How can one not when most of the time they hide it - Brittnee


Trust quotes about life 2015

The one thing thats hurting the most is im too worried about whats gonna happen to jarrod.i care to much amd i camt help it....


vs~will never change because it enjoys all the attention of playing the victim while pretending to be a good person. Everyone sees through your bs and if they aren't saying anything to you about it is because they don't care and ate just tired of your crap