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TEAMWORK!!! Students could watch the Coke commercial and write down thoughts after about teamwork and success!

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Without a doubt...better than that'. They are good friends. They respect each other space, as leaders. They can agree or disagree but in the end they are champions. Their chemistry is on point. Their-humanitarian is unsurpassed.

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“Eyes Up, Hands-Up” is a great action- packed game that involves plenty of throwing and catching skills as well as teamwork! The objective of this game is to get as many balls in the barrel as you can before the time limit is up.

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Brain Break Freebie...Research has shown that kids need to move in order to keep focusing and learning. However, in my opinion, moving should not be the only goal... A Brain Break is a great opportunity for students work on coordination, flexibility, and spatial awareness, all while having fun. In addition, a good Brain Break may also offer opportunities for problem solving, cooperation, teamwork,...

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Ultimate Everything | Throwing catching game (use of different manipulatives: balls, bean bags, frisbees)

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40+ Famous Dr. Seuss Quotes: Download free posters and graphics for your favorite quotes by Dr. Seuss.

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