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Is it bad that I understand this, and haven't even seen the movie.

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I sometimes think in czech and sometimes in english. And i have a liitle problem with mixing two or three languages together.

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Likewise N-ietszch-e in German means 5 redundant letters. We say N-iç-e in Turkish with the same pronunciation. Almost all letters in our alphabet with minor exceptions have the same pronunciation regardless of its position in a word which allows standard and fixed pronunciation by all speakers and not use of unnecessary characters tire out both speaker and listener.

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Vocabulary. Nefarious is from the the Latin. The ultimate origin is from two Latin words. Ne meaning not, and fas meaning divine law. Meaning not divine law in Latin. The word entered English in the early 17th century. The above definition in the box is good for English.

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Tumblr Gets Deep (21 Pics) |<<<Idk why we would name a state Arkansas it never seemed like a bright idea to me<<< my state has problems WHY ARE WE NOT AR KANSAS?! Also at some point in time I'm pretty sure their was a law saying you couldn't pronounce Arkansas Ar Kansas...

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English Muffins (Bread Machine Method)

Bread machine English Muffins - I make these frequently, and they are as good or better as store-bought (complete with nooks and crannies!)

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The Best Writing Advice You Will Receive All Year. Why didn't Ms. T teach it THIS way?!?!

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