Jalapeno Bottle Caps – Make your own crispy, crunchy, restaurant style battered and fried jalapeno bottle caps at home. Here is the recipe.

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Vegans don't have to skip eating out at any of the most common restaurants and fast food joints! Social life and fulfilling cravings will become so much easier with this guide: find your best #healthy #vegan choices at 30 common places.

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Those Instagram bowls of veggie and whole grain goodness only look complicated. Learn the nutritional philosophy behind them, and how to whip one up at home.

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The ultimate Thai red curry recipe! This veggie-packed version tastes as good (or better) than your favorite Thai restaurant's.

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CORK, la Venise d'Irlande & ses alentours #1 - Bidule et Cocotte Quay co-up, a good Vegetarian restaurant in Cork city

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Top 25 Vegetarian Restaurants in the World The Gate — London This award-winning establishment was opened in 1989. The Gate is known among locals for not just being a good vegetarian restaurant, but a good restaurant, “avoiding all clichés of vegetarian eating,” according to one judge of the London Restaurant Festival Awards. Seasonal menu items include Thai red curry, eggplant schnitzel, and butternut rotolo.

Biotei is like a good vegetarian restaurant crammed into a dollhouse up a spiral staircase. Sure, it’s cramped: but the food is good.

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