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The things you said. Maybe you can recover but I can't. Why are still here?

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Goodbye Mr. Jobs, as Apple lovers we will forever miss your inspiration and creativity. You will always be one of my biggest mentors! Thank you for giving artist around the world a chance to enhance our work with your "Mac Machines"...follow the rainbow spinning ball to heaven and rest in peace always.

Are you ready to leave your 9-5p grind? You might have been dreaming about it for months but jumping out of the corporate world and into running your own biz is a scary thing. How can you know if you're making the right decision? What if your big idea is a flop? Who will help you find your way to success? All of these questions and more can cause you to second guess yourself and your new business and make you wonder if you're ready to leave that cubicle you think you just might be allergic…

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Maybe u will or maybe u so happy now that I never even cross ur mind anymore...our passion died with ur goodbye...I will never know

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Azar Nafasi... I always encourage my students to live more than a couple of months aboard. It changes your vision of the world! You become a true traveler... not a tourist

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"The world around you moves on as if your life was never shattered and all you want the world to do is say that your baby mattered." -AJ Clark Coates

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