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Historical Facebook: This is a google doc template that allows students to create a facebook page for a historical figure. Comes complete with directions and awesomeness.


Use this Google Docs template to help students create a writing journal. Utilize heading features to make the doc accessible and to populate the outline.

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50 time-saving Google Docs templates

50 time-saving Google Docs templates 1. Weight training workout 2. Weekly spending 3. Health tracker 5. Life after college: four-step budget 6. Family budget planner 8. Work-out routine 11. Weight

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Create Your Own Emoji in Google Drive

Kids, teens and even adults LOVE emojis . Why not take something they love and use it in the classroom for academic purposes?This activity will get your students engaged and can be adapted for many different kinds of learning activities.Send your students (Google Classroom, Shared Folder, Email address, etc.) the Google Doc template included.

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Google Drive Education Templates Guide

• Google has developed a series of Education Templates to use with Docs, Sheets, Slides and Forms • Teachers and Students can use these layouts to help them quickly create beautiful educational documents • This guide shows what the templates look like and where and how to access them in each program