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Project Brillo is Google's platform for the Internet of Things

Google wants to be everywhere in your home, not just hiding inside your thermostats and smoke alarms. That's why, as rumored, it's just announced Project Bril...


Google Battles Facebook Comments, Brings Google+ Comments To Blogger [Updates]

Google is battling Facebook comments by bringing its very own Google+ comments to Blogger blogging service. Google+ comments are currently only available within Blogger blogs, but can be a very useful feature for bloggers that use Google's platform for generating their content, opening up some interesting ways to interact with their reader base.

Google Five Year Anniversary T-Shirt

Richard Hay is one of our favorite sources of search images. He is always posting fun pictures he discovers at Google, which we share here too. Well, it was his five year anniversary at Google and guess what he got? He got a t-shirt with the number 5 on the back. A Google Platforms T-Shirt.


Google Takes The Google+ Platform Mobile

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Businesses Can Now Verify Themselves on Google+

Google is taking this social integration with its Local product even further by allowing businesses to verify themselves on the Google+ platform.

Google's ride-sharing platform is now live in San Francisco

GPS directions might at times drive you insane, but one woman was actually driven to her death in Brazil. Travel agent Regina Murmura, and her husband Francisco, were aiming for a Niteroi beach... Technology News Summaries. | Newser