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How Has Google Wallet Changed Over 1 Year? #infographic

How Has Google Wallet Changed Over 1 Year? #infographic


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Google Wallet Now Supports Most Major Credit Cards

Google Wallet Update - Google on Wednesday released a cloud-based version of its Google Wallet app that now supports credit and debit cards from Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. The latest app allows users to shop both in stores and online, so a phone could be tapped to pay for a double shot macchiato at a cafe, a taxi ride or even make a purchase on the web

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Android Pay to stop supporting legacy cards from Google Wallet on October 15

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Google Wallet now alerts you when your balance is low

You can't exactly use Google Wallet everywhere you go just yet, but if you do use it often enough to warrant semi-regular transfers from your bank, then


Google Wallet - Don't leave home without it.

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Google Buys TxVia, Banks On Better Payment Technology (And 100M Customers) For Google Wallet

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