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He supports the Russian government over the US Intelligence agenvirs, all of them. That is the definition of traitor.

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Thank you! Trump knowing that Russia was helping him (as indicated by his own behavior) is the definition of TREASON. I can't believe people aren't taking it seriously, and his mindless SS are still repeating "he won, get over it, doesn't matter how he did it." It's very much does matter. Treason should not only disqualify him from holding any office, but should land him in prison. His brainwashed masses have sold this country to Russia. Each and every one of them shares responsibility for…

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If it wasn't for double standards, Donald Trump & the GOP would have no standards at all.

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Republicans and Trump have done so much harm to Our Nation in the last 8 years and more so "now" in this Presidential Election. How could anyone who truly loves this country vote Republican. They don't deserve to hold office.

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Republican's Plan: "Accuse the other side of that which you are guilty." Joseph Goebbels Nazi Propaganda Minister

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The solution to a problem that you cannot solve so far is not to hand it over to your dog, the paper boy or a magic 8 ball. Experience and expertise matter, as we will soon see. Brush up on your Norwegian. We may have to emigrate.

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Oh and refused to even consider the nominee to fill the empty seat on the US Supreme Court, for over 300 days. Why I would NEVER vote republican.

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