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Gordon Cooper one of the original 7 Gemini astronaut, born in Shawnee, Okla. featured in The Right Stuff (Dennis Quaid part)


Astronaut Gordon Cooper Talks About UFOs -- People these were Astronauts, pilots, think about that. Not some common people who want some free publicity. These men are putting their reputation on the line, ...

from Update or Die!

Adam Savage e seu uniforme igual ao do John Glenn

April NASA introduced America’s first astronauts who became known as the Original Seven (pictured) and were chosen for the country’s first space program "Project Mercury". At that time, the program was based at Langley Air Force Base in Hampton, VA

An Astronaut's UFO Experience - Gordon Cooper. When 'War of the Worlds" was first put on the radio people lost their minds. Much of the abudcted experience PTSD. To know that not only other sentient species, but a few non-benevolent species exist, would cause some people to lose their minds and they know that.But it's time to rip off the mental bandaid folks.All religions have these things in them, you have already been prepared.


Aliens Exist ... ASTRONAUT GORDON COOPER Here's a page of links on Gordon Cooper and Aliens. The Link on this page is broken.


Astronaut Gordon Cooper Witnesses UFO Landing at Edwards AFB - Edwards AFB, California, United States - , 1957 - UFO Evidence

from The Silver Pharaoh

Original 1963 8" x 10" Photo of Mercury 7 Astronaut Gordon Cooper in Pressurization Suit

Original 1963 x Photo of Mercury 7 NASA Astronaut Gordon Cooper in Pressurization Suit Test at Cape Canaveral Florida, prior to his launch on the Mercury