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Gorilla Life Expectancy

Colo she was the oldest gorilla on record and exceeded her normal life expectancy by more than two decades.

World's oldest zoo #gorilla, #Colo, dies in Columbus, Ohio, at the age of 60. She exceeds the normal life expectancy of a gorilla in captivity by two decades.

60-year-old gorilla, 1st to be born in a zoo, dies in Ohio

Colo in 2015. She was the oldest gorilla on record and exceeded her normal life expectancy by more than two decades

Courtesy of the Columbus Zoo Western Lowland Gorillas — Average Life Span 50 Years. A Western Lowland Gorilla’s life expectancy is approximately 50 years, which is commendable. At age 55, a gorilla named Colo is the oldest gorilla living in captivity. Colo's other claim to fame is that she was the first gorilla born in captivity. The popular gorilla was born at the Columbus Zoo in 1956 and has been there ever since.

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Zoos have a problem with their geriatric animals

Zoos filling up with geriatric animals as medical advances extend life expectancy

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The world's first gorilla born in a zoo, a female named Colo who became the oldest known living gorilla in the U.S., has died at age 60, the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium said Tuesday.Colo died in her sleep overnight, less than a month after her birthday, the zoo announced. She surpassed the usual life expectancy of captive gorillas by two decades."Colo touched the hearts of generations of people who...

THE LAST OF DIAN FOSSEY'S SILVERBACKS GONE : He was named “Cantsbee” by Dian Fossey upon his birth in 1978. Since then, mountain gorilla Cantsbee went on to create a historic legacy, leading the largest group of gorillas ever observed, remaining dominant for the longest reign ever recorded, siring the most offspring, and passing the statistical life expectancy for mountain gorillas. Cantsbee is now presumed dead. Read more….

Death:December 22, 1956 – January 17, 2017: Colo: in 1956, Colo made history, becoming the world’s first gorilla born in a zoo. She bewildered animal experts and captivated the hearts of Americans for more than half a century, exceeding her life expectancy by two decades and living long enough to become a great-great grandmother.She departed in her sleep overnight, less than a month after celebrating her 60th birthday.

Photo dated 14 September 2003 shows 40-year-old Copo de Niebe (Snowflake), the only albino gorilla in the Barcelona zoo, Spain. Zoo specialists said that the gorilla was suffering from leather cancer and that his life expectancy is of about three months. (Photo by Cesar Rangel, AFP/Getty Images) via @AOL_Lifestyle Read more:

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