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rabbit dragon Gorleston Psalter, England 14th century. British Library, Add 49622, fol. 165v

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f. 164r: detail of a marginal scene of rabbits conducting a funeral procession. Another subset of Gorleston's marginalia (and marginalia in general) is that which depicts the monde renversé – or upside-down world – where the usual rules are turned on their heads and the lines between humans and animals are blurred.

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Yo diría que hasta auténticos cofrades... British Library, Add 49622, f. 133r. The Gorleston Psalter. 1310-1324.

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¿Conejos hablando por el teléfono móvil? "Gorleston Psalter". Inglaterra s. XIV (British Library, Add 49622, fol. 107v)

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waiting for the acorns Gorleston Psalter, England 14th century (British Library, Add 49622, fol. 21v)

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