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Campus Cup 2016 - Lieutenant Governor's Office: Elections

State of South Carolina Lieutenant Governor's Office on Aging - advance directive information

Governor's Office of Emergency Services issues earthquake advisory for surrounding areas

INDIANAPOLIS -- The governor's office has received several calls this week from women describing the details of their period. "I need to get a message to the Governor that I am on day three of my period. My flow seems abnormally heavy, but my cramps are much better," one woman called to say. The inspiration behind the calls came from a Facebook page called Periods for Pence.

Mark Schauer Battles Incumbent Snyder for Governor's Office - Northern Michigan's News Leader

Large boulders were found in the roadway leading to the summit of Mauna Kea. Governor's office says TMT construction 'on hold until further notice - Hawaii News Now


Christie bridge scandal: Internal report clears governor, calls for Port Authority restructuring

An internal investigation commissioned by the governor's office found no evidence Gov. Chris Christie knew about the controversial plan to shut down several toll lanes at the George Washington Bridge beforehand, according to a report released this morning

Office of the Governor Rick Perry - [Speech] Gov. Perry Gives Remarks at Texas Public Policy Foundation’s Policy Orientation


Governor's Office, Oklahoma Geological Survey acknowledge disposal wells likely cause of earthquakes - Capitol Report - TulsaWorld


Families, lawmakers 'darn optimistic' for medical marijuana legalization this year

Last year marked a disappointing defeat for medical marijuana advocates, as legislation passed the state Senate only to die in the House without a vote. Families of patients who could benefit from the drug are optimistic it could pass thanks to new leadership in the Governor's Office and Legislature.