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Donald Trump’s Selection of Governor Mike Pence “Completes a Trifecta of Hate on LGBT Rights” | Equality Forum

WOW! Governor Mike Pence's Message to Pastors and Churches - YouTube With this man's values and knowledge of history,his devotion to Christ, we are going to see amazing things happen as a country. With Trump's business sense and determination,we are blessed to have the perfect pair running our country. Keep praying America, God heard our prayers! Don't forget to thank Him! -JPR


Mike Pence’s sadistic abortion law: Indiana passes draconian anti-choice bill geared towards humiliating and bankrupting women who have abortions

The media have been desperately searching for an alternative narrative to cover rather than focusing in on Hillary Clinton’s lies about her ailing health. On Monday, through a bout of sheer stupidity combined with willful media manipulation, they got it.


Governor Mike Pence Gets His Own Campaign Plane….| The Last Refuge | 7.22.16 |"Governor Mike Pence gets his campaign airplane delivered today. Top shelf. It was almost complete in the following picture: Larry Glick (Executive VP- Development at Trump Organization) shared the picture on his Instagram page."

1 | PENCE MUST GO! (Your rights could be next) | I think Governor Mike Pence is the most unpopular politician in Indiana at the moment. I saw a sign like this near the Governor's Mansion recently.


Governor Mike Pence's Message to Pastors & Churches in America.<<< This shouldn't even be. You're going to be the Vice President, not a fucking pastor! And you're full of shit. Pass the barf bucket \_/


Pro-Coal Indiana Governor Mike Pence Wages War on Children's Health:

Challenger to Indiana Governor Mike Pence Says LGBT Civil Rights Lead His Agenda: WATCH