Fearless Free Motion Stitching for Beginners offers newcomers to this technique a 'Back to Basics' approach that will have you feeling comfortable at your sewing machine when the feed dogs are down! This exercise may look challenging, but with a little practice it will help you develop the necessary freedom and relaxation for effective free motion quilting. Deborah Wirsu presents an unusual introduction to the 'freedom' of free motion stitching. Give it at try!
Grace, Quilting Frame,, Carriage Upgrade Platform, for Older GMQ, & Newer Little Gracie II, to allow up to 18" Longarm Machines, Tin Lizzie, & Queen Quilter
quilting frame
Grace Co. wood machine quilting frame fabric install video
Grace, Quilting, Frame, Carriage, Upgrade, Platform, Older, GMQ, Newer, Little, Gracie, II, allow, up, 18", Long, arm, Machines, Tin, Lizzie, Queen, Quilter
Wooden quilting frames for hand quilting, my grandfather made one similar to this for my grandmother.
This site has some good troubleshooting tips for long-arm and mid-arm quilting machines...helped me quickly figure out what was wrong with mine this morning after hours of trying to follow the manufacturer's few suggestions...