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Graffiti / street art , Urban art .. lets just call it ART.. - I really like this piece of art because it has a lot of meaning behind it. It shows a blank wall that is being torn apart and behind

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Illustrations by JrDragao

Much like the Batman Pin on my previous board, this uses the same idea, but incorporates more color and heart into it. The words have a sort of graffiti feel to them, coming off as linear, but at the same time chaotic. Given the subject, that fits perfectly. u love ART ? check the link

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God created us all in the image of Himself, and He is the ultimate artist. If you've never realized that, just look at the flowers, sunsets, mountains, stars, oceans, tress, and all of creation. He created color itself. No wonder all of us, made in His image, are His little creators. We all have some sort of creativity in us, whether it's found in art, writing, or the way that you work or play. Creativity truly is a fundamental in life.

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Hoje eu joguei muito. Foi bom. Amigos e irmã foram. Conversei, troquei idéias. As meninas queriam que eu fosse maquiar elas. Mas to respeitando o momento e meu coração por vc. Fui pro cinema 50 tons com 2 amigas e assiste distante. Fraco filme, peguei algumas idéias pra nos, mas excitado nao fiquei. Fiz obra agora, e sinto falta sua.

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Portuguese Street Artist Creates Stunning 3D Graffiti That Seems To Float In The Air

Portuguese Street Artist Creates Stunning Graffiti That Seems To Float In The Air I chose this because the usage of different values add depth into the artwork causing the viewer to see it bouncing off the wall.

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