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Banned TED Talk: Graham Hancock – The War on Consciousness – Collective Evolution


The Delian League, Part 6: The Decelean War and the Fall of Athens (413/2-404/3 BCE)

The Delian League, Part 6: The Decelean War and the Fall of Athens (413/2-404/3 BCE) (Article) - Ancient History Encyclopedia


“This beautiful Earth that we have, this gift that the Universe has given us is precious beyond measure, precious beyond imagination, and we are part of it and we must treat it with Love, respect, and reverence.” ~ Graham Hancock


Located at an altitude of approximately 1,170 meters in the Beqaa valley, Baalbek is known to have been settled from at least 7,000 BC, however, some researchers, such as Graham Hancock, argue that its roots go back as many as 12,000 years. One of the most incredible features is the megalithic foundations of the Temple of Jupiter. It was built on platform of stones, and according to the German Archaeological Institute, the stone above the largest known stone block ever carved by human hands.


Texto Foto: El geólogo de la Universidad de Boston, Robert Schoch, (a la izquierda), detectó erosión pluvial en la Esfinge de Gizeh, acontecida varios milenios antes del Imperio Antiguo Egipcio. Según los cálculos astronómicos de los autores de “El Misterio de Orión”, Robert Bauval (derecha), y Graham Hancock, (abajo), el conjunto de Gizeh fue posicionado hacia Orión sobre el año 10.500 a.C.