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Folk City Cozy Granny Square Scarf

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ao <3<3<3 I love this modern take on the granny square! This pattern from Ewe Ewe Yarns, the Wearever Wrap, uses a classic stitch to create a chic shawl.

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Granny square scarf This site is in Japanese you will need to be able to translate. Google Chrome will do that for you.

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Black Retro Crochet Granny Square Scarf Bang on Trend 2016

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Half-Granny Scarf/Wrap --- Make a magic ring. ch 4, shell, ch 2 shell, ch1, dc. Ch 4, turn, shell in that little pocket you just made with that ch 1, then proceed to create as you would with a regular granny. At the end of each row, just ch 1, dc, then chain 4 and turn, starting your new row with a shell in that little space you just made.

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