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Grant Ferguson Great Britain

The Western Isles are upper left corner. Another term for the 'evictions' is 'Highland Clearances.' The peasants were cleared out in favor of sheep.Their homes were destroyed and they were put on ships to unknown destinations.


Grant Ferguson of Great Britain or Team GB rides during the Men's CrossCountry…


Head with Roses (Jean Brandt) by John Duncan Fergusson (Scotland)


Lord, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to hide the bodies of those people I had to kill because they pissed me off! ~Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York


"Torwood Castle" -- [Torwood Castle is a castle ruin near the village of Torwood, in the Falkirk Council area of central Scotland. Built around 1566 for Sir Alexander Forrester. It was once the seat of Clan Forrester. The castle was built by the Lords Forrester. The castle is a Scottish Baronial style castle.]~[Photograph by lairig4 (Barry Ferguson) - October 1 2012 - Torwood, Scotland, Great Britain]'h4d-253.2013'

from the Guardian

From Hugh Grant to David Cameron to Nigella Lawson: Oxford partying in the 80s – in pictures

Sarah Hamilton, David Cameron, Francesca Ferguson and Tim Murphy at an Oxford Union Valentine Ball in 1987.

John Duncan Fergusson 1874-1961 Lilies


FERGUSSON, John Duncan, (1874-1961) Scottish artist: -- 'The Pink Parasol' (Bertha Case).


The Indian Curtain ... JOHN DUNCAN FERGUSSON . 3/9/1874 --1/30/1961 ..... ... born in Leith, Scotland