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Red grape vine in the yard

Check out Red grape vine in the yard by Nuchylee Photo on Creative Market

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How Tall Can Grape Vines Grow?

Grape vines (Vitus vinifera) have a yearly cycle of growth from dormancy through bud break, fruit development and leaf fall in the autumn. An unpruned grape vine can grow to 115 feet in length, but ...


How to Prune a Grape Vine Pruning prevents the vine from growing too much foliage, which in turn, amounts to not enough fruit. A well-pruned vine is given maximum exposure to sunlight, air circulation and maintenance.These factors create an atmosphere less likely to harbor diseases or pests. Knowing how to prune a grape vine correctly will increase your productivity and quality of the crop.

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How to Prune Grape Vines for Fruit Development

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When to Plant Grape Vines

When to Plant Grape Vines. Whether you are planting table grapes or grapes for wine, informing yourself about the correct planting season can make all the difference in the quality of your grape harvest.


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