Choosing the Right Graph Database for Your Project - Ontotext

What are graph databases good for? Here's a killer app

What are graph databases good for? Here's a killer app | InfoWorld

The Basics of Good Database Design in Web Development

Databases are everywhere, including everywhere in the world of web development. Everything from the simplest blogs and directories and to robust user-oriented

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Top 25 Graph Databases : Review of Top 25+ Graph Databases including Horton, HyperGraphDB, Neo4j, AllegroGraph, Oracle Spatial and Graph. Teradata Aster, ArangoDB, Graphbase, InfiniteGraph, Bitsy, DEX/Sparksee, Titan. VelocityGraph, VertexDB, InfoGrid, Oracle NoSQL Database, OrientDB, Blazegraph, Cayley, Weaver, Stardog, Sqrrl Enterprise, GraphDB, MapGraph and IBM System G Native Store

(1) I am developing a website which needs graph database ,but I didn't find fully open source graph database using php. Is there any working opensource graph databases? - Quora

What is a graph database? This infographic uses graph-like thinking to show how each term relates to the other in a graph database.

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