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5 Free graphic design e-courses for absolute beginners

If I could invest in my professional skills, I would definitely improve my graphic design skills. It’s something I really love, and helps me work and blog better. And the things is, it’s not a matter of money anymore – the opportunities are out there, and it’s FREE. The only thing a person needs these days is a dedication and a commitment. Have a look at these 5 totally free graphic design courses.

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Learn How to Be A Graphic Designer – Top Secret Resources (Key Lime Digital Designs)

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10 easy Illustrator tools to improve your designs

Improve your Graphic Design skills with these 10 easy Adobe Illustrator tools to improve your Graphic Design skills.

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14 Graphic Design Terms Commonly Misused By Novice Designers

14 Graphic Design Terms That Most Designers Get Wrong

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Hot to create a Knock out in Illustrator. A blog series of 'Designing Basics' in easy to follow steps to answer your questions about design elements and help you create fabulous graphics — Her Creative Studio

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How To Teach Yourself Graphic Design Fast

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32 Online Graphic Design Tools To Help You Create Viral Images

32 Tools That Will Make You Look Like A Graphic Design Genius (even if you’re artistically challenged) If you’re anything like me, you probably do not have a single creative bone in you when it comes to creating eye-catching graphics.

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Understanding Logo File Formats -- Great info explained in an easy to understand logical way! Know which file is used for what and what you should use & get from your Designer! :) Great for referencing and learning....

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How to Design a Logo: 50 Tutorials and Pro Tips

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