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Illustration by Jen Wolfgang. Space Cat. Graphite on paper. 9x12 in. December 2016. A whimsical, surreal portrait view of an astronaut cat exploring the depths of space.

Illustration by Jen Wolfgang. Selene the Moon Goddess. Graphite and color pencil on paper. The yin and yang of sun and Moon power with portrait view of the Greek moon Goddess Selene.

Illustration by Jen Wolfgang. Nature of an Elephant. Graphite and color pencil on paper. A surreal view of an elephant getting back to nature. Oh, how quick we consume and forget we were made from mud.

Ball point pen and copic marker on paper. 2016


Maud from A Monster in Paris


“EVE PARADISE LOST” aka Crouching Woman Original Art, Nude Art Female – Charcoal – Graphite drawing “EVE PARADISE LOST” aka Crouching Woman by Marcy Ann Villafaña “EVE PARADISE LOST” 30″ x 48″ charcoal 2014 Sold to private collector. only available in print.


Welcome to the #beinartcollective @miles_art. Miles will be showing in our Small Works group show later this year at @beinartgallery