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Grass seed for shaded area... Spread in early spring. Scotts®+Turf+Builder®+Dense+Shade+Mix++

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Shade garden – Black Mondo Grass. I absolutely LOVE this stuff. Imagine it grow | How Do It

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Choosing Plants for Your Shade Garden

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One of the few grasses that thrives in part shade! Only 18-24" tall, its slender leaves form a fountain of bright green and then become suffused with crimson and purple in fall. Beautiful cascading down a shady bank or over a retaining wall. Likes evenly moist soil, but tolerates dry spells. Zones 5-9. 3" pot. Hakonechloa macra 'Beni-kaze'. -

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I'm seriously thinking of planting dwarf mondo grass in my entire yard. It has low water consumption, stays green year round, any you only have to mow once a year!

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Shade Tolerant Grass: Learn About The Best Grass Seed For Shade

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Golden Millet (Milium effusum) - If you have shade, you will want to start Golden Millet seeds! Most ornamental grasses need full sun, but t...

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Limelight Hydrangea and Silk Tassels grass (Carex morrowii var. temnolepis 'Silk Tassel') Takes full sun to part shade.

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Corner Grass Garden: full sun to partial shade. 1 zebra grass, 2 fountain grasses, 3 daylilies, & 6 blue fescue grasses.

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Tips For Growing Grass In Shady Areas

Tips For Growing Grass In Shady Areas - How to get grass to grow in the shade has been a problem for homeowners since lawns became fashionable. This article provides tips for growing grass in shady areas so you can have the yard you want.

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