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I created a Cootie Catcher or Fortune Teller (depending on what your students call it) to help my students review the Texas TEK 4.8C (Observing patterns in tides, seasons, shadows, and moon phases). I thought I'd share it with all of you as well!! I hope you enjoy this free review, I know my students LOVED it and used it often!

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Creating Friction Force STEM activity Experiment- Slow Can Race


Okay, this has been on my mind since I saw this episode, but think about it. What if someone you love came to you one day and told you that they'd made a replica of you, only "cooler" and "more supportive"? Wouldn't that hurt very personally? I think that's why Dipper hated Dippy Fresh so much. It hurt him to see that his twin sister had made a replacement Dipper because real Dipper wasn't cool.

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4th Grade Force, Energy, and Motion Assessment

Use this fourth grade force, energy, and motion assessment as a quiz, test, or for review! This assessment matches Virginia's Standards of Learning, SOL 4.2 completely. Answer sheets included!Vocabulary covered include: friction, heat, motion, inertia, speed, force, energy, gravity, potential energy, kinetic energy, mechanical energy, heat energy, chemical energy, solar energy, gravitational energy, and Isaac Newton.

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DIY S.T.E.M. Toy: Learning about Gravity and Balance