Green algae cells remind me a bit of one of my patterns in the Entwined Collection. #patterns #textures

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Lijngebruik, wel volledige lijnen maar niet ultiem strak, het organische van de voorstelling zie ik terug in de lijnen. (mooi patroontje ook in de bladeren) en hoe licht schaduw gedaan is.

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Blue Green Algae Simply stated, organic blue green algae is the single most nutrient dense food on the planet. You may have heard of algae such as blue green or Spirulina being touted as the world's best "super foods" due to their incredibly high concentration of proteins, vitamins and nutrients.

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Volvox I remember these from Miss King's biology class found in her "Super Culture" scary pond scum...etc...???

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Microscopy prints would make a great, colorful, abstract series for a wall somewhere. Looks like bamboo. Microscopy. Cells. Blue.

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