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Green Beret Motto

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Glenn Beck Urges Vieweres to Help Operation Underground Railroad Stop Child Sex Trafficking

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Why Green Berets Are The Smartest, Most Lethal Fighters In The World

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The sculpture The Horse Soldier is dedicated to the United States Special Forces and commemorates the servicemen who fought in the early days of Operation Enduring Freedom. The monument is titled "De Oppresso Liber", which is the motto of the Green Berets. It means ‘Freedom from Oppression’. The base is subtitled “America’s Response Monument.” It was created by sculptor Douwe Blumberg

Special Forces (Green Berets) Green Berets perform seven doctrinal missions: Unconventional Warfare, Foreign Internal Defense, Special Reconnaissance, Direct Action, Combatting Terrorism, Counterproliferation, and Information Operations. These missions make the Green Berets unique in the U.S. military because they are employed throughout the three stages of the operational continuum: peacetime, conflict and war. motto: De Oppresso Liber (to Free the Oppressed)

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