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Gorgeous juicy green and white bouquet, with green roses, green and white hydrangeas, hypericum berries and green carnations. Beautiful Wedding Bouquets Lake Jackson TX The English Florist...www.


"Robertson was to buy a green carnation at Goodyear’s in the Royal Arcade – ‘They grow them there,’ said Wilde – and to wear it at the performance. ... ‘And what does it mean?’ asked Robertson. Wilde replied, ‘Nothing whatever, but that is just what nobody will guess.’" —from Oscar Wilde by Richard Ellman


Carnation is the month of January. Symbolism...Each color of a Carnation has a different meaning. Light red symbolizes admiration, while dark red symbolizes a deep love. White symbolizes both pure love and luck. Striped Carnations symbolize regret. Purple Carnations are said to indicate capriciousness. Green Carnations are used predominantly on St. Patrick's Day. Pink Carnations are said to be a symbol of a mother's undying love.