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first home--with maybe a lighter green that's a bit translucent??

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Sustainability is about finding fun initiatives that will create a green eco-friendly environment within your workplace. #greenliving

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This is so cool... INFOGRAPHIC: Meet the Ultra-Efficient Homes of the Future

INFOGRAPHIC: Meet the Ultra-Efficient Homes of the Future

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A company in Florida called Green Magic Homes is producing these prefabricated homes that look like they were inspired by the Hobbit homes from the Lord of the Rings.

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Why build green #homes? Green building is smart building. Aside from their obvious benefit to the environment, green buildings deliver financial savings, are more comfortable, healthier, return higher productivity rates and have higher resale values. #infographic

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A tiny house from Tiny Heirloom with a bouldering wall on the home's exterior!

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How to Build an Earthbag/Papercrete Home — For those interested in green living or homesteading, the prospect of building a self-sufficient home doesn’t have to be a pipe dream. Kelly and Rosana Hart have used earthbags, papercrete, and a few other materials to create such a home that is not only beautiful, it is self-sufficient.

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INFOGRAPHIC: Meet the Ultra-Efficient Homes of the Future

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Prefab green home builder to close shop

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