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Colour blocking in the natural world - emerald, lime green, yellow, gold, fuschia, magenta pink, turquoise blue, cobalt, black


Green Shield Bugs Mating

Photo of a double-decker Green Shield Bugs mating. #greenshieldbugs #insects


Green Shield Bug

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Green shield bugs are also referred to as green stink bugs and are very common throughout Europe. Without their antennae, they measure about 30 millimeters long. During the winter, the bugs hibernate in a type of cocoon and by the summer they start to mate.

1 | Green Shield Bug | A shot of a Green Shield Bug or Stink Bug due to the bad odour they give out when threatened as my dog Minnie found out when she tried to sniff it followed by 10 minutes of sneezing and rubbing her Common names. Common green shield bug and southern green shield bug Scientific names Palomena prasina and Nezara viridula Plants affected Common Green Shield Bug various plants. Southern green shield bug: runner bean, tomato and…