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Japanese Kit Kat flavors - I'll take one of each maybe triple lol. Oh my god kit kat is my freaking favorite candy bar ever!!!!!!!!!!!! Lulz! Someone buy me these please! !!

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Kit Kat Green tea - haven't seen this before, I'd really like to try it! It looks so weird.

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Scrumptious Matcha cake with Matcha pocky, Oreo and Matcha Kit Kat #japaneasy #matcha

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Kit Kat Cupcakes

A moist chocolate cupcake with a whipped kit kat buttercream makes these Kit Kat Cupcakes a great Halloween recipe.

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Starbucks Green Tea Kit Kat Frappuccino

Try our ‪#‎StarbucksSecretMenu‬ recipe, the Green Tea Kit Kat Frappuccino! So delicious and addicting just like it's chocolate bar counterpart.

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Kit Kat Matcha Green Tea Chocolates

Kit Kat Matcha Green Tea Chocolates by Kit Kat with Free international shipping & Returns from Japanese Kit Kat is famous for having new and exciting flavors for their traditional chocolate bars. With these mini Kit Kat bars you can enjoy

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